Bag of coffee and coffee scoop on cream background with customize sticker.
Bag of coffee and coffee scoop on cream background.

Corporate Gifting Daily Brew Coffee Bundle

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Azizi Life is a nonprofit based in Rwanda that creates economic opportunities for rural artisans. By providing access to the wider global market, they serve as a bridge between local artisans and customers around the world. 


Vinculo Coffee started in 2023 with the aim of connecting farmers and distributors in Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Mexico directly with consumers. A portion of all sales goes back to community leaders to lead in the way they believe is best for their area.

Energize your colleagues and clients with the Joffa Daily Brew Coffee Bundle, a premium gift set designed to delight the DIY Barista. This curated bundle combines the essential items for the perfect morning ritual: one bag of fresh coffee beans and one coffee scoop, ensuring a productive workday for everyone.

This Daily Brew Coffee Bundle is an investment in your team's well-being and productivity. By providing a top-notch coffee tool and high-quality beans, you ensure a satisfying cup every time. And we all know that good coffee fosters a positive and productive work environment, and demonstrates your appreciation for your colleagues and clients, leaving a long-lasting positive impression.


Suggested Gifting Occasion:

  • Employee Appreciation 
  • Employee Anniversary 
  • Company Holiday 
  • Real Estate Closing, Housewarming, or Open House 
  • Client or Vendor Appreciation

The Daily Brew Coffee Bundle includes: 

  • One Azizi Life Coffee Scoop: Hand carved from high-quality natural wood with a beeswax polish finish, this 2 TBSP scoop provides easy and chic measuring.
  • One bag of Vinculo Coffee Beans, choose one of the below flavors:
    • Ethiopian (Medium Roast): Experience the bright and floral notes of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans. This medium roast is light-bodied and aromatic, offering a delightful cup.
    • Nicaraguan Coffee (Dark Roast): Savor the bold and intense flavors of Nicaraguan Jinotega beans. This dark roast is full-bodied and satisfying, ideal for those who prefer a stronger coffee.


Care Tips:

  • Hand wash coffee scoop with mild soap and warm water. Do not put in dishwasher and avoid bleach.

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