Making A Difference — From Maker To Market

Purchase With Purpose

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Made With Love

We partner with artisans who specialize in hand-crafted pieces that combine modern design with traditional art forms from around the world.

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Made For Impact

Every curated product we carry is ethically made, provides dignified employment, and sourced from under-served communities.

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Made To Last

We meticulously check each product for quality, so you can love them and confidently give them as gifts.

A One-Stop Shop For The Socially Conscious

A New Way To Purchase

If you’ve ever spent hours searching for the perfect gift only to end up in a dead-end internet search, settled for an ethically sourced but less-than-perfect gift, or found exactly what you wanted only to discover the company’s practices don’t line up with your values – you know how frustrating finding the perfect piece can be!

We get it. It can make you feel powerless to make an impact. 

That’s why we created Joffa – an artisan marketplace where socially conscious shopping is made easy. Where one-of-a-kind, ethical products of exceptional quality are only a click away. And where you don’t have to choose between the products you want to buy and the makers you want to buy from.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

“Working with Joffa has been an extremely collaborative, supportive, and positive experience! Each step of the way we have felt certain that they want the best for our organization and are seeking to uplift us. We can tell that they care deeply about our mission and want to come alongside us for enhanced impact.”

Caitlyn Scaggs image
Caitlyn Scaggs
New Hope Girls

"We are proud to partner with Joffa to grow our artisan-made brand!  From our first communication, they have been quick to listen and put our needs on the ground first, always keeping in mind the end goal of growing opportunities for our artisans. It is so encouraging to have this team rooting for our success and investing in our work!  We look forward to the growth that this partnership will provide, and the positive impact it will make on our artisans' lives."

Stephanie Edwards image
Stephanie Edwards
Jubilee Trading Co

“Joffa has been organized, easy to onboard with, and prompt with communication during these initial setup stages. They have a clear vision and plan, and they make it simple to come alongside them.”

Cara Contreras image
Cara Contreras
Bridging The Gap Between Maker And Buyer

Who We Are

Joffa partners with nonprofit and fair trade sustainable retailers from around the globe to bring hand-crafted and ethically sourced products to your doorstep.

The artisan-made pieces you buy from Joffa empower artisans with dignified employment, restore hope to the exploited, and equip the under-resourced with education, skills, and holistic care. 

As a nonprofit marketplace committed to social transparency, we vet all of our partners and quality check every product before we share them with you. So you know where your money goes – and where your products come from!

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image collage of bag coaster and spoons
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