Joffa Corporate Gifting

Give back to your employees, customers, and vendors with ethical corporate gifts that emphasize your company's commitment to being a force for good.

Genuine Gratitude
Stands Out

Finding unique and meaningful gifts that stand out from the crowd can be a struggle. Many corporate gifts fail to leave a lasting impression or align with a company’s values.

Joffa's corporate gifting program begins with a curated selection of beautifully handcrafted, fair-wage goods that spark genuine appreciation and leave an unmissable positive impact.

Key Benefits

  • Transparency & Traceability: Recipients can see exactly who made their item and the positive impact it creates—as soon as they open their gift.

  • Unique & Impactful Gifts: Think outside the fruit basket with unique, high-quality appreciation gifts ranging from coffee and tea to pottery and leather goods.

  • Seamless & Streamlined: Focus on building relationships, not logistics. Our gifting concierge team will coordinate customization and branding options, personalized in-box cards, and reliable delivery.
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Curated For Your Team

Choose from handcrafted home, decor, office items, and more.

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A group shot home items, a candle, a napkin, and a wooden cutting board.

Home & Decor

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Get Started

Start the corporate gifting process by filling out the below form or emailing

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Customization and Program Details

Our corporate gifting options include gift cards, items from our product catalogue, or company branded pieces.

Anyone wishing to buy bulk quantities of product and/or gift cards, or looking to customize and personalize items may use Joffa's corporate gifting program. You do not need to be employed by a large corporation to participate. To ensure your shopping needs qualify for this program, reach out to or fill out the contact form above.

Yes! The Joffa corporate gifting program begins with careful consideration of the recipient. Our team will assess your gifting goals and company value points to recommend the most relevant and wow-worthy item to give. Each gift also includes a personalized card touting your branding, message and signoff.

Yes! Many of our gifting items have customizable components. We offer the ability to customize items with logos or monograms on unique items such as hand-thrown pottery and bespoke leather goods. Each gift also includes a personalized card touting your branding, message and sign-off.

Our gifting concierge will provide a tracking number for each gift you send to ensure real-time delivery updates.

Social Impact

Shopping with Joffa means shopping ethically. Every item Joffa carries is made by fair-wage organizations. Fair-wage, dignified employment is a primary criterion for becoming a Joffa partner, our team carefully vets each partner prior to onboarding to ensure this. Shopping with Joffa means shopping ethically.

Every item Joffa carries contributes to social impact by providing dignified employment to men and women, restoration to the exploited, and education & skill development to the under-resourced. Each of our 38 partners have specific initiatives they are dedicated to—these initiatives range from helping those escaping trafficking and exploitation to offering skill development and education in under-resourced communities. Our partners are active in women’s empowerment, housing scarcity, community development, cultural preservation, and more.

When we purchase the goods they produce, we further their impact. A Joffa purchase continues dignified employment which flows into many other empowerment points including security, rehabilitation, and restoration.

General Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a wonderful solution for:

  • Employee Appreciation: Show appreciation for your team’s hard work, loyalty, and dedication, boosting morale and engagement.
  • Client Relationships: Strengthen relationships, foster goodwill, and create a lasting positive impression.
  • Brand Building: Reinforce your brand values, promote positive associations, and increase brand awareness.
  • Employee Recruitment & Retention: Attract top talent and incentivize employees to stay with the company.
  • Networking & Partnerships: Build rapport with potential partner and strengthen existing collaborations.

There is never a bad time to give a gift! But we see the highest demand for corporate gifting around these occasions:

  • Holidays: Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving, etc.
  • Employee Milestones: Work anniversaries, promotions, birthdays, etc.
  • Client Thank You's: After successful projects, closing deals, or referrals.
  • Employee Recognition: Outstanding performance, achieving goals, or going the extra mile.
  • Welcome Gifts: Onboarding new employees or welcoming new clients.

Yes! Each product you buy arrives with a dedicated QR code, taking you directly to that partner’s profile on You can learn more about where the artisans is located, their specific initiatives, and take in more of their beautiful items.