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Papillon Marketplace is dedicated to orphan prevention through job creation. They keep families intact amidst the poverty orphan crisis in Haiti through steady work and fair wages.
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      Papillon translates to “butterfly” — a fitting name for a nonprofit committed to transforming the lives of Haitian families separated by poverty. Dedicated to orphan prevention through job creation, Papillon Marketplace creates steady work for parents in an effort to keep families intact amidst the poverty orphan crisis in Haiti. 

      Each artisan is paid a fair wage 3x the required minimum wage in Haiti and receives paid training, medical and social benefits, language and literacy development, computer and software training, and on-site child care. Papillon is Fair Trade certified. They use recycled materials and source all supplies locally whenever possible to stimulate the Haitian economy and create more jobs.

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      We partner with artisans who specialize in hand-crafted pieces that combine modern design with traditional art forms from around the world.

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