New Hope Girls

For New Hope Girls, giving the gift of hope means providing rescue, refuge and restoration for girls and women who have escaped trafficking and sexual exploitation in the Dominican Republic.
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      About New Hope Girls
      About Joffa

      On New Hope Girls

      Their artisan workshop employs local mothers and pays them a dignified living wage in the hopes of breaking the cycle of generational poverty that leaves women and children vulnerable to exploitation.

      Proceeds from the workshop support four safehouses where girls and women aged four and up find hope and healing. Every purchase goes towards providing for their physical, emotional, judicial, therapeutic and academic needs.


      As a nonprofit artisan marketplace committed to social and environmental transparency, Joffa bridges the gap between maker and buyer and prioritizes the person behind every product. Our mission is to make it easier to do what you’re already doing — making socially conscious shopping decisions while finding quality items you actually want to buy.

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      We partner with artisans who specialize in hand-crafted pieces that combine modern design with traditional art forms from around the world.

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