My Cup of Tea

My Cup of Tea , located in Memphis, TN, is a non-profit invested in guiding women out of poverty and preserving their local community.
Various tea boxes from My Cup of Tea with a soup mug and banana leaf coaster on white countertop
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      About My Cup of Tea
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      On My Cup of Tea

      Orange Mound, the oldest African American community in America, used to be a thriving neighborhood — but crime, poverty, and plummeting property values have taken their toll. Through employing underprivileged women in the area, they hope to restore their neighborhood to the vibrant community of connection it once was, one empowered woman at a time.

      Built in the heart of Orange mound, My Cup of Tea is a second home for the women who weigh, package and sell the fine loose tea. The nonprofit provides financial workshops, adult education assistance, and other programs that equip and empower their employees. 


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